A Woman’s Logic Bikini vs Lingerie

It’s the ultimate question, what is a woman’s logic behind being seen in a bikini vs being seen in lingerie? Why are chicks so afraid to show off their bodies in lingerie, but have no problem strutting their stuff in a bikini? The answer is simple…


Women's underwear in a gift box

Lingerie holds a long time belief that it should only be seen in an intimate setting with someone you are close with. In lingerie you are opening up emotionally, being vulnerable, and acknowledging that someone else is seeing the real you.  Permitting strangers to see you in lingerie is “breaking” social taboo, and it is not accepted by society standards. On the flip side, however, when you go out to buy a swimsuit, you do so with the intentions of being seen by everyone and anyone. There is a different mindset involved during each shopping experience.

BUT, if I have to get technical, swimsuits and lingerie have major differences when it comes to materials being used. Swimsuits are generally made from spandex and lycra, while lingerie is usually cotton or lace. Take it from experience, lingerie when wet is heavy and does not feel good. Experience being, that I had a late night swim session with friends after a party we all attended in college. What can I say… I like to live life on the edge! Personally, for me, I’ll rock both wherever, whenever I want! Ok so more like places where I won’t get arrested, JEEZ!

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