I Don’t Do Charities


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Now before you jump down my throat and cuss me out please understand, this post is simply to be informative not to bash. I recommend all of my readers to do their own research and encourage you to make your own decisions.

Years ago during one of my college courses, my professor challenged the class to investigate nationally known charities. We had only one task at hand, find out where the money donated was being distributed.  Unfortunately, after heavy investigation, I was left very unhappy and disturbed with the results I had uncovered, and from that day on I stopped donating.


Don’t jump ship or get mad just yet, let me better clarify. I stopped donating to some, not ALL major charities. Reasons being…

    1. There is a multitude of pages from different sources and official websites with unclear information about where the donation money is actually going and how it is being spent,
    2. I find it very inappropriate that most major charities take donation dollars to pay administrative costs.
    3. I also find it very inappropriate that a large portion of money being donated is used for marketing expenses. I personally feel that the money being donated for a particular cause needs to fully benefit that particular cause 100%. The money for marketing should be raised and donated with set goals and outlines in mind, separate from the cause donations.
    4. Simply put, most large charities are businesses with agendas, and they have no real proof or evidence to back up their claims.
    5. With most large charities, it is hard to uncover charity fraud, especially those backed by a political agenda.
    6. I personally would rather give my time and money locally. There are plenty of charities located right in my backyard where my donation would have an immediate impact and higher significance.


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I say this as a final thought and something for you to think about. For me, the word “donation” doesn’t strictly mean monetary. Too often, we are too lazy to do the research on our own. We consider a monetary donation as a way to pass off our own personal giving responsibilities to someone else, instead of actually getting up and being physically involved. To give oneself is one of the most important things you can do in life. The more you give, the more you shall receive in return.

Always remember… No one has ever made it to the top on their own, so lend a helping hand.

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