The Lazy Girl Workout

lazy girl workout

I hate to admit this, but I am truly one of those females who hates to workout. Thank God I am blessed with a fast metabolism and the ability to eat whatever I want, because if I weighed what I ate, you would definitely see me on that TLC show My 600lb Life. The sad thing is, when I was in high school I had something going on every day. It was like clockwork for me, track in the morning, cheerleading or whatever sport I was playing at the time in the afternoon. My weekends were spent driving around to different tournaments or competitions. SO WHAT HAPPENED? I blame college, I can’t blame it on myself DUH! I went away for school and decided not to participate in any “school activities”, however with that decision also came laziness. I was walking across campus every day so technically I was getting some exercise, but it wasn’t as much as before. I tried doing the gym thing I really did, but I quickly realized I truly hated the gym. Everything from the smell to being surrounded by giant men lifting my weight plus some, and doing the same rotations on machines every time just wasn’t my thing. I thought back to high school and realized the reason I enjoyed working out so much back then was because I didn’t know I was working out; I was just having fun. The question now, how do I stay fit and healthy without going to the gym? The solution…

Ms. Unapologetic’s Lazy Girl Workout!

I do not, I repeat I do not follow this routine every day, actually, I barely follow it. Yes, I’m a hypocrite, SUE ME, but I am hoping that you have more discipline than I do and can actually get out of the bed and get your workout on.

So without further ado…

Ms. Unapologetic’s Lazy Girl Workout!

  • Keep your workout short. Focus on a particular area of your body each day. HIT IT, THEN QUIT IT (lol)
  • Try working out earlier in the day, that way the thing you hate most provides you with energy for the rest of the day. This also allows you to knock it out early and move on to something more enjoyable like shopping.
  • Try combining your workouts. Do cardio and strength training at the same time.
  • Workout during the commercials of your favorite show.
  • Do a class with your friends, that way you can hold each other accountable, and maybe just maybe you will actually show up.
  • Shake up your routine. Try out a Zumba, Salsa, or Hip-Hop dance class.
  • Channel your inner goddess, break your shyness and go to a pole fitness, or aerial yoga class. You will enjoy it and definitely feel sexier afterward.


Here is one lazy girl workout routine I found on Pinterest! Go look for yourself, there are tons!!

trimmed and tonesd- lazy girl workout


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