The Bucket List

There are quite a few things I want to accomplish before I “kick the bucket!” Let’s see how many I can get done!

1. Visit the great pyramid of Giza
2. Visit the Great Wall of China
3. Visit Petra
4. Visit The Colosseum in Rome
5. Visit Chichen Itza
6. Visit Machu Piccu
7. Visit the Taj Mahal
8. Visit Christ the Redeemer
9. Learn sign language
10. Get my dual masters degree- In progress
11. Buy a condo/townhouse/house
12. Buy and pay off “dream” car
13. Marry my best friend
14. Be in two places at once- thanks A Walk to Remember
15. Swim with dolphin’s
16. Become completely debt free- student loans, cars, etc
17. Go on the Skydeck in Chicago ✓
18. See a Broadway musical- preferably Lion King
19. Go to the top and have dinner at the Eiffel Tower
20. Set foot on all 7 continents

a. North America ✓
b. South America
c. Europe
d. Africa
e. Antarctica- Idk if this is possible, I don’t do cold
f. Asia
g. Australia

21. Take a water taxi in Venice
22. Go skydiving
23. Take a picture on Abbey Road
24. Watch a Cirque De Soleil Show- Michael Jackson’s One or Mystere
25. Go to Vegas for my 25th birthday ✓
26. Watch the sunrise and sunset on the beach
27. Go to a murder mystery dinner
28. Crash a wedding
29. Visit LACMA
30.  See the world’s largest mirrors at Salar De Uyuni- Bolivia
31. Attend a lantern lighting festival
32. Dance on the bar at Coyote Ugly ✓
33. Play a murder mystery game
34. Visit Maho Beach
35. Visit the Hollywood Sign
36. Go on Jetski
37. Go Parasailing
38. Cage of Death
39. SkyCycle Track
40. Waterfall restaurant
41. Go Zip-Lining
42. Irelands Milky Blue Hot Springs
43. Pour Water at the Hoover Dam
44. Fly on Air Force 1
45. Go to an Olympic Opening Ceremony
46. Go to Hogwarts at Univeral Studios
47. Ride a Camel
48. Go on a Safari
49. Go to Carnival in Brazil
50. Go to an NFL training camp
51. Go Whale watching
52. Put a lock on the Paris Lock Bridge
53. Visit Dear Park in China
54. Go on a fake wedding dress fitting
55. Go to a nude beach
56. Swim in the Dead Sea
57. Do a flash mob
58. Visit the Empire State Building & Statue of Liberty  ✓
59. Break a world record
60. Mom and I have to learn the words to the fast part of Supersonic by JJ Fad
70. Be in a movie ✓
71. Be in a music video ✓
72. Go to a different city and pretend to be a fake celebrity
73. Go on a Disney Cruise
74. Go to Mardi Gras
75. Attend Essence Festival
76. Swim in the largest swimming pool- Chile
77. Stay in a water bungalow-Maldives
78. Go on a Hot Air Ballon Ride
79. Swim on the edge of the world- Ecuador
80. Stay in the underwater hotel- Dubai
81. Do the Glass Trail of Terror-China
82. Climb The Stairway to Heaven- Hawaii
83. Cruise the Caribbean on Allure of The Stars
84. Dinner at the sky restaurant-Mexico
85. Stay at the Floating Ark Hotel-China
86. Ride an Elephant
87. Eat at Ithaa Undersea Restaurant at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island hotel
88. Eat at Sea at Anantara Kihavah Villas in the Maldives
89. Attend an operaAurora display in Skaftafell, iceland
90. Learn an Instrument- Drums or Electric Guitar
91. Go shark diving at an aquarium
92. See the Northern Lights
93. Visit Mount Rushmore
94. Visit the Grand Canyon
95. Visit Niagara Falls
96. Go to the Museum of Sex
97. Berghain Club in Berlin
98. Slide Down a Laundry Chute
99. Become an Ordained Minister & Perform a Marriage Ceremony
100. Visit the Old Sign Junkyard in Vegas
101. Go to A Silent Headphone Party
102. Be in the audience of a talk show- Preferably Ellen
103. Meet Michelle and Barack Obama
104. Rappel down the side of a children’s hospital dressed as a superhero



  1. I look forward to doing some of these things with you! Way to go for your dreams girl!

  2. This list is amazing!! Shout out to #16. Sallie Mae is a the worse…lol

  3. Wow you dream big and going through your list made me realize anything is possible life’s to short to not tick off your bucket list on this note I’m off to write down my bucket list ????

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